Healing is all about transformation.  At some point we may become dissatisfied with our health or level of happiness.  We may feel that something's missing.  We may just feel out of balance or out of sync.  

When our energy is mis-aligned it can cause illness and issues of epic proportions.  As humans it's easy to get side-tracked, to go down the wrong path, to lose our way.  It's easy to overlook signs of dis-ease setting in until we have a significant failure to our health and well-being.  


Energy is ever-changing.  You can change/transform yours to better serve you, to bolster your immune system and enhance your overall health and well-being.   

You can reach me via my e-mail, voice mail or text.  I choose not to partake in any forms of social media.  The information included in this web site is of me and by me and is my sole/soul internet presence.

Linda Worchel

198 Peake Brook Road

Woodstock, CT  06281

Phone/Text:  860 963 2122


Intuitive Energy Healing
Transformational Energy Healing
Integration/Reconnection Healing
Soul/Spirit Healing
Emotional/Thought Field Freedom Technique
Electromagnetic Field Clearing
Psychic Field Healing
Shamanic Healing
PTSD Healing