Ancient Healing

Unfortunately in our modern world it is easy to become unbalanced/to become confused or conflicted/to block our vital life force. When this happens our physical health and well-being suffer. When we don't acknowledge and live in accordance with our true nature we suffer.

The goal of ancient healing is to strengthen, support and balance the human energy field.  When our energy field is strong, open and vibrating at peak efficiency we are 'in tune', living in our truth with a strong immune system maximizing our health and sense of well-being.  

Nature is a wondrous thing. Every snowflake, grain of sand and human is unique. Trying not to be unique is painful. Accepting and living in accordance with issues/defective energy patterns is stressful and painful eventually resulting in physical symptoms and illness.  Rebalancing the energy field gives our systems an opportunity to heal just like setting a broken bone.


There's no reason to give up hope for a healthier and happier future.  

Linda Worchel

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Intuitive Energy Healing
Transformational Energy Healing
Integration/Reconnection Healing
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Emotional/Thought Field Freedom Technique
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