The Beauty Way of Living


I've been studying various forms of healing for a good part of my life. When I first began I felt much like a broken window with pieces of myself having fallen to the floor, being walked on and being scattered to the four winds. During my years of healing study we were encouraged to clear from our inner and outer space those things that kept us from loving our lives. For years my husband and I have been clearing our home and ourselves and we find that we enjoy a peaceful, quiet, more self-sufficient lifestyle. We surround ourselves with that which brings us harmony and balance.

We have found that 'having less' is a more bountiful way to live. We feel stronger and take pride in our accomplishments both large and small. We are growing in our skills, abilities and knowledge and tying all the pieces together. As nature is in harmony we endeavor to be in harmony feeling content and in-sync with all-that-is.

One of the first things I did to kick start my Beauty Way of Living was to make a little altar. It was a shelf where I put a few things I truly loved. I started to measure everything in my life against that little altar and my love of it helped me to change my surroundings until it expanded to encompass my home, my property and my entire life. I live within that which I love, and to me that is the Beauty Way. I feel blessed from the inside out and from the outside in. I am One and in Harmony with my surroundings and my life.


I have a variety of names for my style of healing from listing my courses of study to realizing that true healing is as ancient as time itself. Healing saved my life and I am eternally grateful.

Linda Worchel

198 Peake Brook Road

Woodstock, CT  06281

Phone/Text:  860 963 2122


Intuitive Energy Healing
Transformational Energy Healing
Integration/Reconnection Healing
Soul/Spirit Healing
Emotional/Thought Field Healing 
Electromagnetic Field Clearing
Psychic Field Healing
Shamanic Healing
PTSD Healing
Ancient Healing