There was a time in my life when I was afraid to breathe because I felt that it was too loud and that I'd be noticed/seen/targeted—YIKES!


It's bizarre isn't it to think that we may have to learn or relearn how to breathe? Proper breathing is critical to the circulation of energy in our bodies. It helps us bring in oxygen and release toxic chemicals. It's good for our skin, our brain and our entire system.


Are you ready to take a breather?


Allow yourself to be in a comfortable position, shoulders back, power in your core. Take a deep breath, pretend you're filling your whole energy field that goes even beyond your physical body. Pretend like you're a giant balloon and you're filling your head, chest, belly, extremities and beyond. Hold that breath for a couple of seconds then make an 'O' with your lips and exhale fully, like you're letting all the air out of your lungs/squeezing it out completely. Yeah! Does that feel great! Repeat a few times. You may feel light-headed which is you getting a rush of oxygen to your brain—a very good thing.  Once you feel comfortable and accomplished with this, the next step is to breathe out through your nose--fully and completely.

It's important to 'take a breather'.  If you feel like you're starting to spin out, take a breather. If you feel like your addiction is starting to overwhelm you, take a breather. If you just feel like taking a breather, take a breather.


Taking a few moments for yourself, taking a breather, getting your head back on straight—these are things we all can practice today, right now, in the present moment.

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