Dragonfly (June 18, 2020)


The other day my husband saw a dragonfly land in the pool. He fished it out with the skimmer net and hung the net back in its spot figuring the dragonfly would dry off and then go about the rest of its day. As we were sitting in our deck chairs a bird came along and snatched up the dragonfly and ate it right there within a few feet of us. Like Dr. Henry Lee says “Everybody's got to eat.”.


A couple of days later I was walking past the pool and saw a dragonfly hit the water so I quickly grabbed the net and fished it out. I said to myself that I wouldn't make the same mistake my husband made by hanging the net up. Nope, I was going to set the net on the table right next to my chair and sit and wait for the dragonfly to wash himself up, dry off and fly away. So, I sat and waited for a few minutes as the dragonfly wiped its face and tested its wings. The dragonfly was maybe one foot away from me. My husband was out in the yard when he heard me screech. A catbird had come from across the yard and flapping wildly grabbed the dragonfly off the net. This was inches from me and though I'm not actually afraid of my wild birds I was startled and had let out a screech.


This morning I awoke to see that the pool was covered with flying ants. Dragonflies are a favorite here but flying ants are not. I grabbed the net and fished out hundreds of flying ants and set the net down on the deck and walked away. Within minutes there was a feeding frenzy of catbirds and sparrows. I had put out the dinner plate. This silly little thing brought me such great joy and I'm grateful for the dragonfly lesson.


Years ago I used to buy a lot of bird seed and put out multiple feeders. One bag of seed had a lot of bugs in it and I thought it would be best not to bring extra bugs into the yard/garden. When I took down the bird feeders I realized how many bugs the birds would eat so we put up bird houses and set out extra bird baths to encourage birds to the yard for de-bugging purposes. They do good work and I appreciate their efforts. They are natural pest prevention and they're fun to watch. When the baby birds leave the nest the parents take them to a bird bath and it's fun to see them lined up around the edge. The parents give them the grand tour and then they're all off about their business. Feeding them costs me nothing and I net great rewards.


Life is about learning. Lessons come in large, medium and small. There are no mistakes in nature. She is constantly seeking balance and re-creating herself. I strive to do the same. There are people I've loved and lost (dragonflies too) but there have also been lessons learned. Dwelling on the negative prevents us from basking in the positive. The sun is always shining even when we can't see it. You gotta have faith!

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