The Art of Observation

It is important to get some rest and relaxation.  It is important to love and nurture yourself.  It is important to give yourself time to process your experiences and observe how you feel and how you react to various situations.  Does something 'push your buttons'?  If so, why? 


Healing is an inner journey.  We seek to eliminate that which doesn't suit us and fill our energy fields with that which does.  We process our fears and thoughts and emotions on our journey to the peaceful inner life.

As society gets sicker humans can't hide behind pills and vaccines because those things can't cover all the bases in the same way as a strong immune system. Energy work helps strengthen and balance the entire system--body, mind AND SPIRIT.  


You are not alone on your healing journey.  

Linda Worchel

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Intuitive Energy Healing
Transformational Energy Healing
Integration/Reconnection Healing
Soul/Spirit Healing
Emotional/Thought Field Freedom Technique
Electromagnetic Field Clearing
Psychic Field Healing
Shamanic Healing